April 20, 2019 Quyen

The search for the actor to take on one of our favorite characters in the Star Wars universe has been narrowed down to three actors! Who will play the next Half Witted, Scruffy Looking, Nerf Herder? We’ll find out very soon!

star wars universe

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney and Lucasfilm have narrowed down the search to three actors! Screen tests in London took place involving Alden Ehrenreich, from Hail Caesar!, Jack Reynor, from Transformers: Age Of Extinction, and my personal favorite, Taron Egerton, star of Kingsman: The Secret Service and Eddie the Eagle.

In my opinion, I believe Taron Egerton will get the role. Kristian Harloff from Collider Jedi Council has said many times that he has heard that Phil Lord and Chris Miller think very high of Egerton and would love for him to play their young Han. Who would you like to see play a young Han Solo? Tell me on Twitter @OutlawNoah

Stay Tuned!

Its Star Wars Time!…

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Diversity Through the Stars: Will Space Travel Be Egalitarian?
April 17, 2019 Quyen
Diversity Through the Stars: Will Space Travel Be Egalitarian?

How can we make space travel to other planets egalitarian if we can’t even agree on what equality looks like on Earth?

I’ve been thinking a lot about space travel and inequality lately. So, last week when NASA announced that Saturn’s moon Enceladus meets the requirements for life, I was excited but also concerned.

TRAPPIST-1 star,

The TRAPPIST-1 star

An ultra-cool dwarf, has seven Earth-size planets orbiting it. This artist’s concept appeared on the cover of the journal Nature on Feb. 23, 2017.

I really started to worry months ago, though. When the TRAPPIST-1 system with its seven exoplanets was announced in February, my initial excitement turned to dread. I mean, it’s exciting that these planets are relatively close in the grand scheme of things. Besides, the fact that there could be life on these planets is even more fantastic to me. As a lover of space, each new discovery is welcome.

We can’t even figure out bathrooms for transgender individuals, how to stop the state from killing the poorest and most marginalized people, and we can’t even get to a point where racism and sexism are vices of the past. How the hell will we figure out space travel and who will eventually get to go a new planet?

Society is facing rising inequality and unless we solve this problem we will be facing the same elitist practices and policies that got us into this predicament, to begin with. This is about what ails us. Racism, sexism, homophobia, income inequality, religious extremism, and fundamentalism are all detrimental to progress here on Earth. It is because of this that we haven’t been able to find the solutions to some of our biggest problems. It’s only the same people getting a chance to find a cure or solution. This can’t possibly be helpful in the long run.

Will we have to sit back and watch as the affluent and ultra-affluent get a crack at space before us Poors get a chance? Will the multinationals killing indigenous activists while they wage war against Earth’s natural resources suddenly stop poisoning our planet? Or will they go all out to finish off the planet? We need to start having this conversation now.

On Earth, your quality of life can be anywhere from comfortable to extremely impoverished just based on what color your skin is or where you live. Are we able to somehow come to an understanding when new planets that are ripe for the taking are discovered? I very much doubt that. Our country is deeply divided, but we’re just one of many. We’re all fucked…

Here’s to hoping that by the time we get our shit together, TRAPPIST-1 is still undiscovered and ready for the generation of humankind that finally got this whole humanity thing right. Space travel, whether we like it or not, is only possible if we’re all involved.…

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Entertainment
November 14, 2018 Quyen
Do’s And Don’ts Of Entertainment

Do you enjoy entertaining people? If you do then why not turn it into a career because those people who enjoy entertaining people actually earn from that. The thing about it though is that there are certain things that you can do and cannot do.


That is why so that your start in the entertainment world wouldn’t immediately fall, here are the do’s and don’ts to help you or to guide you throughout your journey. This way you would enjoy doing your work and you would continue it no matter what.


­Do make sure that you are always ready for anything because if want to make a career in entertainment then you would have to be ready for what the crowd will give to you. It can’t be helped that there are days where everything has been done and you would need to be creative for your sake.

Do hire people to help you when you are doing your entertainment because sometimes a one-man show isn’t going to entertain a lot of people and if you do that on your first try then it can end tragically. That is why it would be best that you have extra people to support you and to help you in case of an emergency.

To ensure that you would have the energy to continue to do the entertainment you have been practicing. It can’t be helped that when you entertain you would have to do it more than once and you have to make sure that you don’t show any signs of fatigue because it can ruin the show.

Do give out a positive image for yourself when you are in the entertainment because if you show any signs of negative then it can be bad for you because no one might go to any of your show because of your bad image. Remember that this is what you do and you would need to be professional about it.


Don’t ignore any signs of opportunity for you to do any entertainment because when it comes to entertainment it can be a competition. That is why if you have the opportunity to entertain a huge audience then you should do it because if you let the opportunity pass then it can be a problem for you.

Don’t give out a lousy performance because if you do then everyone person who watched you will remember it and the next performance you will make would have less crowd. That is why as much as possible you have to give it your all so that you can always entertain the people around you.

Don’t show the same entertainment for the same crowd because they will get bored of it. That is why it would be best that you plan everything out so that every entertainment you make will look fresh to your crowd and it can spark a good image to you.

Don’t be mean to your crowd because if you do that then doing any entertainment will be near to impossible for you if there are no people to watch you do your work. That is why no matter what you have to stay cool and love your crowd. This way as well you have more gigs to do.

Now you know what the do’s and the don’ts are when it comes to entertainment. By knowing this you should be able to know what are the things that you can and cannot do in order for you to achieve maximum opportunity while you are in that industry. Remember the entertainment industry can be rough but when you remember what the do’s and don’ts are then you can use it as a guide so that you wouldn’t make as many mistakes as for how other people will do.…

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Who Will Play Our Young Han Solo? Casting For The Secong Anthology Film Has Begun!
September 20, 2018 Quyen
Who Will Play Our Young Han Solo? Casting For The Secong Anthology Film Has Begun!

Who will portray the next half-witted, scruffy looking, need herder? We are one step closer to finding out!

Young Han Solo

THR is reporting that over 2,500 young male actors have auditioned for the role already. The film, which is being directed by 21 and 22 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller and written by Lawerence and Jon Kasdan, has been code named “Red Cup” to keep the production under wraps.

Some of the actors who have auditioned already are-

Dave Franco, 30

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 25

Fury‘s Logan Lerman, 23

Miles Teller, 28

Hemlock Grovestar Landon Liboiron, 23

Ed Westwick, 28

Jurassic World‘s Nick Robinson, 20

Tom Felton, 28

Joshua Sasse, 27

Kickin’ It‘s Leo Howard, 18

The Purge‘s Tony Oller, 24

Mr. Robot star Rami Malek, 34

Chandler Riggs, the 16-year-old star of The Walking Dead

Hunter Parrish, 28

The Fault in Our Stars‘ Ansel Elgort, 21

Transformers: Age of Extinction‘s Jack Reynor, 23

plus TV faces like Teen Wolf‘s Colton Haynes, 27

Bates Motel‘s Max Thieriot, 27

I mentioned a while back that Max Thieriot would be a good choice for young Han and it looks like he auditioned so maybe that will come to fruition. If you listen to our podcast, This Is Madness, you know that I am a Anthony Ingruber fanboy and would love if he got the role.

Who would you like to see play our favorite smuggler? Tell me on Twitter @OutlawNoah

Stay Tuned!

It’s Star Wars Time!…

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