About Us

About Us

Italian Films UK is a limited company created in order to promote Italian movies in the UK. Italian Cinema London is our first event this year. We plan to develop year-round activities with the aim of expanding the UK audience while creating and promoting commercial opportunities for the films themselves.

Clara Caleo Green

Artistic Director – Sponsorship Director

For the last 15 years Clara has been both Associate Director and Sponsorship Director of the Italian Film Festival UK and, in 1996, was responsible for bringing what was primarily a Scottish-based festival to London. During her time working for IFF, she brought on board some of Italy’s most prestigious companies. Thanks to her, Fiat, Alitalia, Peroni, Bafta, MEDIA UK and others have joined a pool of outstanding sponsors. Clara is also currently working on film projects with Bafta and MEDIA UK. In 2010 Clara founded Italian Cinema London, a new version of the festival, showcasing Italian films in London.

Malaika Bova

Deputy Director – Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager for the Italian Film Festival UK since 2008, Malaika together with Clara Caleo Green, founded Italian Cinema London, a new version of the Festival exclusive to London. She is responsible for the Festival contacts with Italian partners and for all marketing activity.

Vanessa Strizzi

Director of Shorts Programme

Vanessa Strizzi has been the shorts programmer for the Italian Film Festival UK since1996 and has selected the shorts for this first edition of Italian Cinema London. She is the artistic director of Umbria Film Festival in Montone and she works for RAI – Italy’s national television station.