The Devil Is A Part-Timer

Devil is a part-timer. Vol. 2

The Devil Is A Part-Timer

Devil is a part-timer. Vol. 2

Quyen July 7, 2019

The devil king is now a store manager and he continues to climb up the management chain and the world dominations. Two months after he managed to save his plot he began a part-time job at MgRonald while Ashiya used to manage the finances. Maou will have to prove himself by defeating the rival of his company which is known as Kentucky fired Chicken, and they opened their outlet recently.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer

Maou receives a full-time position and is being promoted to the position of the shift supervisor, on a condition that to keep up with his position he will have to destroy Kentucky Fried Chicken, the newly opened a competitor shop. Emi just the hero continues to monitor Maou and is entangles with his neighbour Suzuno.


The vol. 2 continues to be of a comedy plot and just like vol. 2 audience experiences more laughs which are mainly because of the character-driven humour. The series has memorable characters who manage to entertain the audience superbly and they manage to keep up with personalities. Lucifer plans on destroying Tokyo whereas Maou decides on continuing his normal life and thus plans to work part-time.

Emi, Maou and Ashiya continues to fight with each other and entertain by the remarks they do on their situation. The note of the series is not at all serious and is a reflection of fun moments. Maou’s fight to destroy Kentucky Fried Chicken was not only interesting but it was the main reason for developing the plot of the play. This enhanced the overall plot and also helped the characters by providing them with strong dimensions.

There were some scenes where Maou was diverting the customers to McRonald and Ashiya and Emi continuously scouting SFC provided immense laughter and humour to the audience, as they were some fun moments that were being loved and helped the play move forward. Lucifer is added as a new permanent member. Suzuno’s character was not found to be interesting but she worked as a straight man to all other characters.

Details of the plot

While reviewing the first volume it was stated that the Maou’s character is very different from the reputation that he has developed as the devil versus what is actually portrayed. This is the reason when Emy said she wants to kill Maou she was not at all taken seriously. The volume continues happily and it is being hoped that this series will be able to dissolve some issues.

Thoughts of the reviewer

The story is believed to continue at a good speed but at some points, it is believed to be stretched unnecessarily. As mentioned earlier that the clash between the characters is the funny part of the series, and this could have been worked on as it feels at times that most of the part includes them either fighting or talking in Maou’s apartment. These things slowed down the plot and the characters were found doing different things. However, this doesn’t upset the audience since there were scenes which made them understood that the plot is going to change, and a few scenes were really good.


Vol. 2 of The devil is a part-timer is again comedy series which continues to entertain its audience and also works hard to show the strength of its characters along with comedy moments. Just like the first part, the characters in the second part entertain by showing us their tensed life in the Japanese world. The best part of the play was that there was the main plot of the battle of McRonald and SFC which connects the different strands of the plot to it and thus makes the whole thing one.

On the other hand, at times it is felt that there is not much work done by the characters and all they are doing is standing and talking to each other but still the script manages to entertain its audience in a good way. We recommend this volume to those who are more into watching comedy series as it is full of fun.

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